Shake, Rattle, and Roll: How to Translate the Messages You Car Is Sending You

Whether living in a city, small town, or rural area, most Americans have a very close relationship with their car. This level of familiarity makes it much easier for them to notice any new noise, vibration, or response that the car may develop. Since any of these signs can be an early warning indication of a maintenance need or mechanical problem, knowing what the car is trying to tell you can help you avoid or reduce expensive repairs as well as help to prevent being stranded roadside by a car that suddenly ceases to operate.

Three Warning Signs Of Power Steering Issues

Your power steering system is one of the most important parts of your vehicle, as it allows you to quickly change the direction of your car with little effort.  However, if the system begins to fail, it can reduce the overall responsiveness of your vehicle and make driving significantly less safe. Being conscious of the most common warning signs associated with a power steering system that is failing can help you understand when you should head to a mechanic to have your vehicle inspected and any necessary repairs completed.

Color Me Worried: What Fluid Color Says About Your Transmission

You can tell a lot about your car's automatic transmission simply by looking at the color of its fluid. Here's a quick primer on how to deduce your transmission's overall health with just a quick fluid check. Bright Red Crack open a bottle of transmission fluid, and remember how it looks now because this is how it'll look when it's fresh and new. Once it goes inside your transmission, however, the combination of heat and wear will cause it to take on a darker hue as time goes on.

How To Maintain Your Vehicle's Air Conditioner

Your car's air conditioning system is just a small system within your vehicle, but it is nonetheless an important one, as it can be the only thing that keeps the interior of your vehicle comfortable during the summer months. Just like every other part of your vehicle, your air conditioner needs to be maintained in order to continue to function properly. Understanding what a few of the most common and important air conditioning maintenance tasks are can help you keep your vehicle's AC running smoothly and effectively for as long as possible.

Why Your Car Is Leaking Coolant

Your car has many parts that are vital and that can suffer damage if they stop working properly. One part that must function properly is the coolant system. A coolant is a component of a heating system that makes sure that your car engine does not overheat. Why Your Engine is Overheating Engines have a tendency to overheat as a result of the excess energy that comes from the burning of gasoline.