Tips For Keeping Your Car's Engine In Tip-Top Shape As It Ages

Whether your car is a few years or a few decades old, there are many things you can proactively do to ensure it stays on the road for many years to come. While you may already be changing its oil and rotating the tires on a regular basis, it is also important that you proactively care for its engine. Even if you don't have a mechanically-inclined bone in your body, you can successfully keep your car mechanically sound by following each of these time-tested tips:

4 Reasons To Rent A Minivan For Your Next Family Road Trip

Now that your planning an upcoming family road trip, why not consider leaving your personal vehicle at home and renting a minivan for the excursion? Here are four good reasons to consider doing so: Forget about Wear and Tear One of the best reasons to rent a mini van when hitting the open road with your family is that you can avoid putting any wear and tear on your own vehicle.

Transmission Damage And Repair Myths

Suffering mechanical problems with a car can be a stressful and potentially dangerous situation to encounter. The transmission of a car is among the more common parts of a vehicle to suffer problems, and problems with this component can be devastating. Yet, the ample misinformation about this problem can lead to drivers being poorly informed when they need to address this type of problem. Myth: A Damaged Transmissions Must Be Replaced With A New One

Get Your Windshield Repaired Or Replaced

Many people do not realize what an important part of the car a windshield is. For most people a cracked or a chipped windshield is put on the back burner, but this is a very big mistake. The first problem is that the windshield is what allows you to see out of your vehicle, and so any obstruction to your vision is very bad. Also, a windshield acts as a major support to the roof.

Was Your Date Hotter Than Expected? 3 Tips For Helping Your Girlfriend Repair Her Car's AC

You know your girlfriend is smoking hot, and you sometimes can't even believe that she agreed to a serious dating relationship. Yet, you know that her good looks weren't the only thing heating up the car this time you went out for a ride. Unfortunately, car AC problems often arise just when the temperature outside hits a high, and there is nothing more miserable than arriving at your favorite restaurant together too sweaty to enjoy your date.