Transmission Repair And Troubleshooting Guide For Trouble Changing Gears In Winter Weather

In winter weather, there are a lot of things that can go wrong with your car. One of the problems that you may have is trouble getting your transmission into gears. This is often due to problems like damage to seals because of cold weather or transmission fluid that is not adequate for the climate where you live. The following tips will help you with troubleshooting your winter transmission problems to have them fixed and end your problems getting your car in gear during cold weather.

1. That Burning Smell of a Clutch That Is Worn and Needs to Be Replaced

Do you smell burnt rubber every time you get in your car and put it in gear? This is often a sign that the clutch is wearing out and should be replaced. Sometimes, the smell is worse when you shift gears. It may also be accompanied by the clutch peddle becoming stiff or too loose. Replacing the clutch will help solve your shifting problems and prevent serious damage to the transmission.

2. The Rough Shifting When There Is a Problem with Your Motor Mount

Another problem that you may have is a banging sound when you shift into first gear. This is often a problem with the engine mount that may have come loose or fallen off. You will probably still be able to drive, but the banging every time you shift gears can cause damage to the transmission and other parts of your car. Therefore, you will want to have an auto repair shop replace the damaged engine mount before it leads to serious problems with the transmission or other parts.

3. Grinding and Scratching Noises That Make You Quiver When Shifting Gears

One of the most common problems with transmissions is noises when shifting gears. You may hear grinding and scratching that is accompanied by difficulty getting into certain gears. This is often due to problems with a flywheel, which will usually need to be replaced to solve the problem and stop the noises.

4. Low Fluid Levels Due to a Leaking Seal on Your Transmission That Causes Shifting Problems

Another problem that you may have with your transmission is low fluid levels, which is usually due to a leaking transmission seal. Look when you park to see if there are marks from the transmission leaking. If the seal is damaged, then replacing it will stop the problems with the low fluid levels and prevent more serious damage to your transmission.

These tips will help end your trouble with transmissions during winter weather. If you need help repairing problems that are making it difficult to shift gears in winter weather, contact an auto repair service for help with some of these repairs.