4 Signs to Help Troubleshoot Problems with Changing Gears & Transmission Repairs

The transmission of your car is not something that you think much about when it comes to maintenance; until you have trouble shifting gears. Sometimes, the problems can be issues with other parts like motor mounts or it may be simple leaks and blown seals. No matter what the problem is, you want to get to the problem and ensure your car can shift gears smoothly again. The following signs will help you troubleshoot the problems that you are having with your transmission:

1. Dropping Fluid Levels and Noise When Changing Gears or Idling

Dropping oil and transmission fluid levels can also cause problems with the transmission. If you are having trouble smoothly shifting gears; first check that the oil level of the engine is correct, and then start the engine to check the transmission fluid. Always check and add transmission fluid while the engine is idling to ensure you are getting a correct reading of the level and that the fluid is evenly distributed in the transmission casing.

2. Loose Motor Mounts Causing Rough Gear Changes and Engine Vibrations

Motor mounts in the engine compartment help cushion the engine and absorb vibrations from the engine or due to shifting gears. When you have a worn or lost motor mount, this can cause shaking while you are idling or even a banging sound when you shift your car into different gears. If this sounds like the problem you are having, open the hood of your car and look to see if the engine mounts are worn or missing, and replace them to stop the problem. You will still want to have the transmission inspected for damage at a specialist repair shop to ensure the motor mount problem has not caused damage to the transmission.

3. Burnt Out Clutches Causing Smells and Difficulty When Shifting Gears

The clutch is an important part of your transmission that allows you to shift gears smoothly. When the clutch wears out, you may notice a burnt smell and have trouble getting your car into gear. If the problem is just the clutch, a transmission repair shop can quickly install a new clutch for you to solve your gear shifting problems.

4. Electrical Problems and Issues with Transmission Gears Causing Performance Problems

If your car suddenly looses power when you shift gears or only in certain gears, this could be due to electrical or mechanical problems. Modern transmission of electrical controls and sensors that can fail and cause issues with your car's performance when you shift gears. Mechanical damage to the plate the connects the transmission to the engine or with the gears inside the casing can also cause loss of power and problems when changing gears.

 If your car is still having problems changing gears, contact a transmission repair service like Wilson's Auto World to the bottom of the problem.