Filling Up At Full Service Gas Stations

When you're a driver, pumping gas is both an obligation and a rite of passage. However, it's easy to forget that there was once a time that filling up your tank was as much as a matter of customer service as having someone ring up your groceries. Even though most people today simply swipe their debit card, grab the pump and fill up on their own, there are still lots of full-service gas stations out there. 

Driving into one of these stations can be a great pleasure because you'll get more service than you'll typically get at an automated gas station. If you want to try visiting one, read these tips so that you know what to expect. 

Go out of your way to hit full-service gas stations

Getting your tank filled at a full-service gas station is a wonderful experience because you get a personal touch and you will have an attendant take care of you. Instead of getting out of your car and filling up your own tank, the attendant will ask you how much you'd like to put into your tank and will take everything from there. You will get personal service that might also include things like getting your windshield washed or your fluids topped off. 

You won't have to exit your vehicle, which will really come in handy if the weather is hot outside or if you are dealing with frigid temperatures or snowfall in the wintertime. The attendant will do the work for you while you simply relax in your vehicle. This can be especially helpful if you are planning on using cash anyway. Keep in mind that tipping is customary in the same way that you'd tip your waiter or bartender. 

Know whether the full-service gas station is mandatory or optional

While filling up at a full-service gas station is a definite perk, keep in mind that it isn't always optional. If you are traveling through the state of New Jersey, for instance, not only will you see that every gas station is full-service, but you legally are not allowed to pump your own gas. 

The state of Oregon used to operate similarly, but they recently loosened their laws, making New Jersey now the only state to have these parameters. 

Take the time to use these tips so that you can start using some full-service gas stations near you or in your travels.