Three Signs Of Transmission Trouble

Your vehicle's transmission works to engage the gear that your engine operates at, either shifting upwards as you speed up or shifting downwards while slowing down. A damaged transmission that is not able to operate properly can cause a whole host of different issues for your engine and therefore for your entire car as a result. Understanding some of the most common red flags associated with a failing transmission can help you identify problems early, when they are easier and less expensive to fix.

Irregular Noises

One of the first warning signs associated with a transmission that is in need of repairs is noticing that there are irregular, loud noises coming from under the hood when you are shifting gears. Grinding, screeching, and anything similar points to components within your transmission creating too much friction with other parts of your car's mechanics and is usually the precursor to actual physical damage either to your engine or your transmission and should be checked out by a company like Professional Automotive straight away as a result.

Burning Smell

Another common issue associated with a transmission that needs professional attention is a strong smell of burning while you are driving. While this can be caused by a variety of different issues, when it comes to your transmission it's usually caused by old fluid that has too much gunk and dirt in it. As the transmission and engine heat up, they burn that grime away, creating the smell. This is more than an annoyance, however: dirty transmission fluid can affect how well your transmission works, which can then cause undue stress to your engine and make mechanical issues more likely. Flushing the transmission fluid is a simple fix that will get everything working normally again in no time.

Surging and Rough Shifting

You should head to a mechanic straight away if you notice that the gear changes in your vehicle are particularly rough. This can take the form of delayed shifts, suddenly clunking into gear, and, most seriously, either a surge forward or a slip backwards, causing your vehicle to suddenly jump ahead on the road or slow down rapidly. This is arguably the most serious sign of transmission trouble, because it drastically reduces the amount of control that you have over the speed and direction of your vehicle, hampering how well you can react to changing road conditions and greatly increasing the risk of a collision.