Transmission Damage And Repair Myths

Suffering mechanical problems with a car can be a stressful and potentially dangerous situation to encounter. The transmission of a car is among the more common parts of a vehicle to suffer problems, and problems with this component can be devastating. Yet, the ample misinformation about this problem can lead to drivers being poorly informed when they need to address this type of problem.

Myth: A Damaged Transmissions Must Be Replaced With A New One

Repairing the transmission of your car can be an easy task to want to delay if the issue is not severe enough to prevent your car from running. Often, drivers will neglect to have these repairs done in a prompt manner due to an assumption that their transmission will have to be replaced. Luckily, it is possible for an experienced mechanic to remove and replace the damaged parts of the transmission. This will allow you to have your transmission repaired without having to pay the expensive price associated with buying a replacement transmission and having it installed.

Myth: Major Transmission Repairs Can Be Completed Very Quickly

Unfortunately, if you have allowed your transmission's damage to become severe or advanced, this can greatly extend the amount of time that will be needed to repair the transmission. While minor transmission problems can often be completed within a few hours, complicated issues that will require a total rebuild of the transmission can take up to a week or longer to be completed. Additionally, exotic or antique cars can take longer to have this repair work completed as the needed parts may take longer to procure.

Myth: You Can Not Protect The Transmission Against Failures And Other Problems

For many divers, transmission problems can be rather mysterious issues to encounter. More precisely, it can be common for drivers to be completely unaware of the issues that most frequently lead to transmission failures. In particular, improper maintenance can be one of the more serious as drivers will often fail to change the transmission fluid, which can lead to it suffering must worse wear and tear. Additionally, aggressive driving can also be a source of transmission problems as rapidly accelerating can strain the transmission.

Repairing a malfunctioning transmission can be a task that many car owners will find themselves needing to do. Yet, being uninformed about the process involved with repairing a transmission can make this task much more difficult than it needs to be. Realizing the various repair options that are available for faulty transmissions, the importance of caring for the transmission and that complicated repairs can take several days to complete are essential to having a smooth experience having these repairs done. Contact a shop, like Newton Tire Company, for help.