Was Your Date Hotter Than Expected? 3 Tips For Helping Your Girlfriend Repair Her Car's AC

You know your girlfriend is smoking hot, and you sometimes can't even believe that she agreed to a serious dating relationship. Yet, you know that her good looks weren't the only thing heating up the car this time you went out for a ride. Unfortunately, car AC problems often arise just when the temperature outside hits a high, and there is nothing more miserable than arriving at your favorite restaurant together too sweaty to enjoy your date. The good news is that you can come out looking like a hero by helping your girlfriend get her broken auto AC repaired using these tips.

Know the Signs of a Failing AC

While a broken compressor is usually obvious, there are also more subtle signs that your girlfriend's AC is in need of repair. For instance, you may notice that the air still blows, but it is warm. This can indicate something as simple as a refrigerant leak. Alternatively, you might notice a strange odor emanating from the vents that fills the air with the stench of sweaty socks, which indicates a clog or mold growth in the system. Addressing these issues early on can prevent your girlfriend from having to deal with a more costly repair.

Find a Reputable Technician

You might have friends who know how to work on cars, but this is your girlfriend's that you are talking about. The last thing that you need is for her to spend money on a repair that is done wrong. You also don't want her to be taken advantage of by a nefarious auto shop. Volunteer to help your girlfriend find an auto repair shop that is experienced with repairing broken car AC units, and look for signs that they are reputable such as having a brick-and-mortar shop along with an online presence.

Help Her Set Up a Maintenance Plan

Once you get your girlfriend's AC fix, make sure that she never gets stuck in the heat again by helping her to plan for routine maintenance that catches small problems before they get out of hand. Ideally, she should have her AC unit inspected once a year before the summer starts. This way, she can have minor leaks repaired right away.

Worrying about your girlfriend's comfort is just part of a being in a serious relationship, and you never want to think about her suffering in the heat as she drives to your place. With your help, she can get her AC repaired so that they only thing that heats up your next date is those smoldering kisses.