Why Your BMW Might Need An Aftermarket Part

When it is time to replace a part to repair your BMW, you might wonder if it is better to choose an OEM or an aftermarket part. An OEM comes from the original manufacturer of the part, while an aftermarket part comes from a third party. You may think that an OEM is the safest bet when selecting a part for your beamer, but this isn't necessarily the case. There are some instances where you may benefit from an aftermarket part instead.

Cost Considerations

To choose the right aftermarket part, you must consider the main reason you are considering aftermarket. They come with one of two benefits depending on the part:

  1. The part is cheaper
  2. The part is upgraded

The cheaper aftermarket parts are just as good as the OEM parts, or in some cases they might be inferior, but you benefit from selecting a less expensive part. In many cases, the lower price of the part makes up for the fact that they might not last as long. How much less you will spend depends on the brand, so it pays to shop around. 

Better Quality

Aftermarket parts are much more expensive, but they are also upgraded. This may not be available for all BMW repair parts, but there are some parts that may last much longer. For example, a part might come with a metal housing instead of a plastic housing. Aftermarket parts are better because manufacturers reverse engineer the parts and determine where the weaknesses lie.

Sometimes, a problem with a particular component might not be well-known. For instance, it might not be known that a part is not resistant to overheating. A new engineering method might be developed that causes the component to better muffle sound.

Also, in an attempt to save money, a manufacturer may make compromises. However, you might not mind the increased cost and may instead prefer better quality. 

Greater Availability

Another benefit of aftermarket parts in general is that they are more available. If you need an OEM, you may need to wait for the original manufacturer to ship the part. However, an aftermarket part is available in many shops. It may be difficult to choose a part with so many options, though, so you may decide to simply look for an aftermarket part that is as close to the original as possible while being easier to find. Regardless, by finding a part and performing the repair yourself, you will save money.