Mushy Or Firm Brakes Can Indicate A Brake Line Problem

The majority of cars have hydraulic brake systems. Eventually, these brake lines may stop functioning properly. You may notice that it is more difficult to brake. It may take longer for your car to come to a stop or you may have some other problem with braking. If this is the case, you will likely need to have your brake lines repaired or replaced.

Identifying The Problem

If the brake pedal is too firm, this is most often the result of something obstructing the brake line. This could be rust or a pinched brake line. If this is the case, the brake line will need to be replaced. When applying pressure to the brake, it may also feel spongy. A spongy brake is the result of air in the brake line. The brake will not feel as responsive, so you may find that it is more difficult to stop your vehicle. While you may be able to stop when driving slowly, if you are driving at a high speed and have to stop suddenly, this can be very dangerous. Rather than replacing only one brake line, it is better to replace two. When one brake line is suffering from problems, this means that the other one will likely suffer problems as well. 

Removing The Brake Line

The brake hose travels from the the brake line to the caliper position. The hose can be removed by removing the retainer clip. Then, you can turn the connector with the wrench until it becomes loose and the hose can be removed. The metal brake lines can be somewhat fragile and they can bend, so it is important to not be too aggressive or you may actually damage the brake line. 

Installing A New Brake Line

Once you have detached the brake line, you are able to remove it and put a new one in place. It is best to find a brake line that is from the same manufacturer as the one you are replacing so that you can be sure that it will function properly with your car. Once the brake line has been added, you will need to add brake fluid. You will also need to bleed the brakes.

It can be intimidating to repair a brake line since a mistake may lead to your vehicle having even more problems. Therefore, you may want to instead contact car repair services that specialize in repairing and replacing brakes.