Pay Attention To What Your Car Is Telling You

If you listen closely to your car, then you will see that it will tell you when there is something wrong. Learn about some of the new sounds your car may make when something is wrong and what it is that may be wrong by reading this article.

A squeak coming from the wheels

If you start to hear a high pitched squeaking sound coming from the wheels then it probably means that the sensors in the brakes pads are telling you that the brake pads are losing volume. You'll want to take your car in as soon as possible so you can have your brakes changed. If you start to hear a grinding sound then this means your brakes are getting very thin and they need to be changed immediately. The grinding you hear means the brakes are so worn that they are metal on metal. This increases your chances of brake failure or you can end up damaging your rotors.

A clicking noise when you are turning

If you hear a clicking noise when you go to turn a corner then it can indicate that one or even both of your CV joints may need to be replaced. It's important for you to take this serious and get the car looked at so you don't end up with more costly problems.

A tapping sound coming from under the hood area

If you start to hear a tapping or a clicking sound that's coming from the motor compartment under the hood of your car then this can mean you have a major issue with the connecting rods, pistons or valves. This is something that you do not want to ignore, so make sure you get the car checked out right away.

Squealing from under the hood when you press on the gas or start the car

A squealing sound from the motor area when you press on the gas pedal or start your car can mean that one of the belts is either worn out or looser than it should be. Replacing or tightening a belt is something that can be easily taken care of by a mechanic, but ignoring it can lead to a major part of your car failing. Some of the belts that can be making the noise include the serpentine belt, the air conditioner belt, the power steering belt and there are others as well.