Repair Or Replace: A Quick Guide To Knowing When To Buy A New Windshield

Making the decision about whether or not to buy a new windshield can be difficult to make. Windshield repair is a viable option in many cases, so knowing what to do can be hard. To help you make sense of the situation and objectively evaluate your options, below are some reasons why you might consider purchasing a new windshield.

Lengthy Crack

Long cracks are almost always cause for replacing a windshield. While cracks of several inches in length can be repaired, it is often not worthwhile to attempt to repair them.

Long cracks exceeding approximately three inches can continue spreading, even when repaired, and a full replacement is likely your best option. To get a sense of whether or not this is your best option, shop around with a few windshield repair professionals and obtain estimates for repair. They will let you know what it costs or if repair is even viable.

Imperfection Near the Edge of the Glass

Another reason why you may want to replace your windshield is due to imperfections near or on the edge of the windshield. Edge imperfections, including short cracks or chips, can compromise the integrity of the windshield itself, and they may be irreparable. Once again, a few estimates from repair professionals can help you know if replacement is the best available option.

Imperfection In Line of Sight

Chips and cracks that lie directly in the line of sight for drivers may also be deemed unrepairable, and this may mean you need to obtain a full replacement of the windshield. However, if you feel you can still safely see despite a rejection from a windshield repair company, you can always continue shopping. Some repair professionals will agree to repair the windshield as long you can convince them you can still operate the vehicle safely. However, do not compromise your own safety by getting the glass fixed, if you aren't able to see past the repair.

Numerous Previous Repairs

Windshields that have undergone numerous repairs are also good candidates for replacement. A pockmarked, chipped windshield not only looks bad, but it can also lose some of its structural integrity or interfere with vision. There comes a time when it is best to write off a previously damaged windshield and have a new one installed.

State Inspection Laws

Finally, some states have strict guidelines regarding windshield damage and will require replacement be made due to visibility concerns. This, of course, forces the decision to be made for you.