Auto Repair Myths Your Insurance Wants You To Believe

If you've been in an accident, your first step is working with your insurance to get repairs and replacements for your vehicle. It can sometimes be a confusing road to travel, especially because some insurance companies often play "hard to get" when it comes to repair costs. Here are some common repair myths you should know about. You can save money and make sure you're getting the right service from your insurance.

Myth: You can't pick your collision repair shop.

Many insurance companies will have contracts or preferred shops, and after your accident, your agent may strongly encourage you to use these shops, even using language to make you think that one shop is your only option. However, you have the right to choose the provider of service.

This is important because not all body shops provide the same service. For instance, if you have a luxury or classic antique, you will need to find a professional shop that specializes in restoring these types of vehicles. 

Myth: You have to use the parts your insurance suggests.

In order to save on repair costs, your insurance may recommend after-market parts for some repairs. However, if your body shop recommends dealership parts for certain repairs and you can show that brand name parts would be better for your car's value and safety go for the upgrades. Your insurance is usually obliged to pay.

Many shops will negotiate extensively with insurance to make sure you are getting the best repairs possible for your car.

Myth: You will have to pay for some repairs yourself if they cost too much over the estimate.

Body shops and insurances agencies will both run estimates about how much it would cost to repair your car. Estimates are not set in stone, however, and if the repairs cost much more than you thought they would, you are not on the hook for the rest. It can take some time to get extra repair costs approved but don't give in and pay for them yourself.

Myth: You'll have to pay higher insurance on your car because of repairs.

Many repairs and replacement parts come with warranties, and these can help offset the costs of rising insurance after an accident. Don't be afraid to discuss higher rate charges in detail with you provider. Ask your body shop for work guarantees and warranty papers to help make the case for lower rates. To learn more, contact a company like Coachman Auto Body