Caring For Your Mercedes In Hot Weather

If you live in an area where the summer months bring extreme high temperatures, then you want to be prepared for how to take better care of your Mercedes in these extremes. High temperatures can do damage to your car in many ways if you aren't prepared and if you don't take some extra steps to keep your car in good working condition. Here are some of the ways you want to care for your car in very hot conditions:

Check the fluids more often

Checking your fluids on a regular basis is always important but you'll want to do so more frequently when it's very hot outside. The hot weather can cause the fluids to get low much faster than you may be used to, especially the water.

Check the water in the battery

In most cases you may never have to think about the water that's in the cells of your battery. However, this can be different when you live in a hotter than normal region. The water in the cells can evaporate prematurely causing your battery to die sooner than it should. To check the water level you can take a flat head screwdriver and pop the covers of each cell off the battery while the car is turned off. Add some filtered water if the water doesn't look like it is near the top. Put the covers back in place and make sure to tap them all the way down securely.

Park the car in the garage

Parking your car in the garage will keep the bright sun from shining down on the car making it even hotter when the temperature is already very hot. This can help to prevent your car from suffering different types of heat damage with some of the most common including bleaching of the paint on your car, hoses that wear faster, belts that wear faster and even problems with your electrical system.

Put up a sun visor when parked in direct sunlight

If you do end up parking your car in direct sunlight then you should put a sun visor up in the windshield. Not only will this help to keep the car more comfortable for when you get back in it, but it will also help to prevent damage to your dashboard and seats when they get so hot that they become brittle.

Take your car in at the first sign of trouble

If you start to notice any issues with your car that are out of the range of normal then you should take it in to have it looked at. Something as small as an electric window that suddenly won't roll down can end up leading to serious electrical issues if it's not acted on fast enough.

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