How To Really Save Money On Car Repairs

No one likes spending money on car repairs, but at some point during the life of your vehicle, you will probably need to have something replaced, repaired or removed, and the costs can catch you off-guard. If you want to save money on the cost of these repairs, you'll need to be prepared. Read on to find out the best ways to really save money on car repairs so you can keep your vehicle running smoothly for less.

Be loyal

When it comes to car repairs, shopping around really isn't the best way to save money. Sure, you may be able to take advantage of low prices when you need a repair such as a replacement tire or paint touch-ups, but in general, it's best to find one repair shop you feel comfortable with and stick with them. Rewarding your mechanic's good service with your loyalty will do two things. First, it will encourage the mechanic to do a great job in order to keep your business. Second, it will help your mechanic because they'll have an ongoing relationship with your vehicle and access to its maintenance and repair history.

Mechanics know that the more repeat customers they have, the less effort they have to make to advertise their business in order to get new customers. They'll be more likely to reward you for your loyalty with discounts and better service than if you simply hopped from repair shop to repair shop in search of a bargain.

Be proactive

When you bought your car, you may have received a copy of your car's manual. If you didn't receive one, go online and get one from your car's manufacturer, then keep it handy and read it often. This book will tell you all you need to know about operating your car efficiently and keeping it in good shape. Your owner's manual will detail things like when and what type of routine maintenance you should be doing to your vehicle. It will also help you identify any warning signs and symbols that may appear on your vehicle. Knowing what these mean can save you a trip to the repair shop, especially if they indicate a problem that is easy enough for you to fix yourself.

It's not a bad idea to learn some basic auto maintenance skills once you start driving. You can save a good deal of money by learning to do things like change your own oil and air filters, so you can save your money to pay a mechanic to handle the more complicated repairs and maintenance issues. Plus, your mechanic will appreciate the fact that you want to take care of your car and you're willing to make an effort to keep it in good shape.

Take advantage of warranties

If your auto parts come with an optional warranty, it might be a good idea to invest in it. A warranty that covers all or part of the replacement cost of an expensive item like a battery or carburetor could save you money if you plan on keeping your car for a while. Some extended warranties are good for up to ten years, and a lot can happen to your vehicle in that length of time. Some repair shops will also offer warranties on labor. Both types of warranties can save you a great deal of money, but you'll need to make sure you keep your receipts so you can claim your free or reduced-cost repairs and parts in the future.

Shopping around isn't always the best way to save money when it comes to car repairs. Customer loyalty, regular maintenance and an investment in a warranty for your expensive car parts can save you far more money in the long run, and keep you on the road safely for years to come.